How to order

How to order?

You may order by email, letter, fax or telefon. If you order by our shop you should receive a confirmation. Generally the shipment should be accomplished within 10 days. Usually we ship on Mondays. Normally we ship payable on delivery, i.e. you will get a bill together with the parcel. There may be exceptions if you order first time, or your address is outside the EU


How to pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, Master/VISA or PAYPAL . Payments with credit card must be accompanied by cardnumber, expiration date and the three digit controlnumber. For safety reason you may split card details into 2 emails also, or send the controlnumber separately.

Bank Vereinsbank München BLZ 700 202 70   account:. 35347640, for transfers from abroad:

SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDEMMXXX,  IBAN: DE42 7002 0270 0035 3476 40



Shipment costs?

We charge for shipments within Germany 7,50€ any size.

For shipments within the EU, 18€ any size.. Shipment for other countries, please ask. Shipments will be delivered by DHL.



We have a bonus point system. For each 25€ plant value we give a bonuspoint in a value of 2,5€. These bonus points will be charged against in your next order. Bonus points will not be given for direct buying, e.g. plants bought in our nursery by the customer himself.  There are no bonuspoints if there are made other agreements. Bonus points expire after 18month if not used and are not transferable.

If you are a reseller and interested in ordering quantities, please ask.


How to complain?

Although we try our best, it may happen that a shipment falls short to your expections. You can complain within 3 days after arrival of the parcel, best by email. Generally we find a satisfying solution for both sides. If not, we ask you to send the complete parcel back (our costs). Do not send back parts of the shipment or throw away plants without any agreement. We decline shipments from abroad send c.o.d. without consultation


Plant descriptions

In our shop, or lists, we use some abbreviations to give a short info about the plant.


If the plant is adult and ready to flower at any time (=FS Flowering size), we use the symbol “B

If the plant is younger and needs 1-2-3 years till Flowring size “B” we use the symbols J1 or J2 or J3.

To give an imagination of the plant size in an adult stage we use 4 characters:

M: Mini, adult plant is smaller than 10cm

K: Small plant, adult plant is 10-15cm

N: Normal size, adult plant is 15-50cm

G: Large plant, adult plant is >50cm



We inform you about interesting events on our page News this page is bilingual english-german. Here you will be informed about latest plant imports and schedules for the next imports.